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Jul 10

STM32F401 dan Protokol MQTT

Finally, berhasil juga “menanam” protokol MQTT ke dalam kolaborasi board Nucleo STM32F401 dan Ethernet Shield. Sebagai ujicoba, mengontrol ON OFF tiga buah LED melalui internet, dengan verbose proses melalui terminal yang terhubung dengan UART mikrokontroler. Ini adalah bagian dari implementasi Internet of Things menggunakan platform ARM Cortex-M.

Aug 05

“Cannot connect to ST-LINK!” Error Message

The STM32F4-Discovery board uses either SWD (Serial Wire Debug) or JTAG for programming, and a bootloader is in place for serial communications via the USB. And by default, programming is done via USB using SWD. By checking the user’s manual, it became clear to me that the issue was caused by re-configuring PA11 and PA12 …

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